current turnaround time is about 3-4 weeks

Butterscotch Leather Bottom Baby Slippers

Butterscotch Leather Bottom Baby Slippers

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Snuggly warm baby slippers! They not only keep those little feet warm, they are so cute! The ties can be tightened to stay on those wiggly feet.  These are ready to ship and will go out within a week of ordering.

They are made with non-slip suede bottoms, fluffy sheepskin on the insole and cotton ties made from upcycled yarn and T-shirt scraps. 

Plus, the wool that matches all our cute hats!

Color options:
Flax with brown bottoms
Oatmeal with brown bottoms
Cream with brown bottoms
Rouge with pink bottoms
Oatmeal with pink bottoms
Cream with pink bottoms


These are ready to ship and will be mailed out within a week of ordering. Please note: if you also order a CUSTOM item, the slippers will ship when the custom order is complete and turnaround time will be much longer.


Newborn: approx. 3.5 inches

0-6 months: approx. 3.76 inches 

6-12 months: approx. 4.25 inches 

12-24 months: 4.75 inches


To care for the booties please hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. With continued wash/wear slippers may begin to pill. To help with this you can carefully take scissors and cut the pills off, but be careful not to cut the yarn.