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Whimsical Ornament 6
Whimsical Ornament 6

Whimsical Ornament 6

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Pine + Poppy’s whimsical, fancy pompoms! Use them as an ornament to decorate your tree, hang them on your stockings, or use them to dress up your wrapped presents. They even make perfect gifts! These are ready to ship and will go out within a week of ordering.

This pompom is handmade with wool. Each ornament has 2 wooden beads and a velvet ribbon. Some of the pompoms use yarn that has various wool, mohair, and sparkling Angelina fibers. This pompom may contain

small pieces of ribbon and flowers. Pompoms are handmade and may slightly vary in size, each about 9 inches in total length. 

Please note: no two pompoms are exactly the same due to the hand-spun nature of this yarn and the way the pompom is made.

Due to the nature of these unique, handmade ornaments, we do not accept returns unless this item is flawed or there is an error on our part. 

Orders may fulfill from multiple locations.